Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing your merchandise in our hands, but retaining ownership until it is sold at The Fancy Flea Antique Mall.

Please read our contract below for details.

Click here to download the Consignment Contract.



  1. The Fancy Flea reserves the right to refuse any items considered unsuitable, such as yard sale items or anything that fails to meet quality standards.
  2. We do not accept items in need of repair or that is too old and worn out to sell. We do not accept any items that we feel we would not be able to sell at the shop.
  3. The price of each item is determined by The Fancy Flea with input from the client as deemed necessary.
  4. Proceeds from the sale of the consigned items will be paid at the rate of 50% to the client and 50% to The Fancy Flea. The client will be notified by office staff when the checks are available. It is not necessary to call - front desk staff can not research consignment accounts.
  5. During the first month of the consignment, the listed items may be reduced by 10% to promote the sale. All consigned items will have an attached label detailing the graduated dates and discounted prices to aid customers and staff with updated information.
  6. From 31-60 days, the price will be negotiated by 30%.
  7. From 61-90 days on consignment, the price will be reduced by 50% to promote a final sale.
  8. After 3 months, the client will be called with an offer to either pick up any unsold items or to donate those items to The Fancy Flea. (Please allow 2 weeks for The Fancy Flea to gather and prepare the client's property for pick up.)
  9. If the client fails to respond within 30 days after being notified, the consigned items are automatically donated to The Fancy Flea and the contract becomes null and void.


Owner will get 50% and The Fancy Flea will get 50% of the selling price. In-house vendors/dealers will get 80% and The Fancy Flea will get 20%.

The Fancy Flea is not responsible for damage or theft of your items.

If you're ready to consign with us download the complete Fancy Flea Antique Mall Consignment Contract.

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