Estate Sales

Estate Sales

There are occasions when liquidating a large amount of the household items is necessary.

Whether it be relocating, divorce or an unfortunate death of a family member.

One very popular way to do this is by having an estate sale.

Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation.

Another option is to hire a professional estate sale service.

The Fancy Flea Antique Mall has conducted over 100 Estate Sales during the last 5 years.

The Fancy Flea Antique Mall is fully insured.

A list of references are available upon request.

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Cleaning Up Before The Service Arrives

When you begin preparing a home for an estate sale DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY ITEMS.

In that dusty book collection there may be a first edition collector's item worth hundreds.

A collections of costume jewelry that you find gaudy and out-of-date may be just what the vintage jewelry collector is looking for.

Unexpected items of value include:

  • Old magazines
  • Children's games and dolls
  • Logo-type ashtrays (such as ashtray from casino's that no longer exist)
  • Sports memorabilia (such as mishmash of college football glasses)
  • Costume jewelry
  • Vintage or dated clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, gloves)
  • Books, music albums and 8-tracks
  • Photographs
  • Dated kitchen utensils, bowels, everyday dishes
  • Chipped, broken dishes or glassware (craft people love this stuff.)

The Fancy Flea will assess the value of the items in the household and price them accordingly.

The Fancy Flea gets 30% of sales.

Owner gets 70%.

All expenses are deducted from the 70% after The Fancy Flea's 30% is taken out.

Expenses usually run between $300.00-$600.00.

This cost may be more if it is a large estate that requires more staff to work it.

Ask questions and avoid working with any service that cannot answer your questions directly. Call us for a free consultation about having an Estate Sale.

After The Sale Is Over

The payment/settlement of the initial estate sale will be done within 7 days of the sale.

You can call us at 910.755.6665 or us our Contact Form.

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