For individuals looking for a great space to display and sell their goods - The Fancy Flea is the perfect place.

With over 6,000 sq. ft. you can be assured of more traffic than any other antique venue in our area.

The Fancy Flea Antique Mall has complete store security system and the sales are uploaded daily so vendors can check their sales online.

Below is our contract for review of potential dealers. A PDF is also available for anyone ready to sign-up!

Click here to download the Rental Contract.



  1. The length of this contract is six (6) months. After that, you must sign a new contract for another six (6) months and so on. We require 30 days notice if you choose not to renew your contract.
  2. The first month's rent is due at the time of signing the contract agreement. The rent is $2.75 sq. ft. throughout the building.
  3. We charge a 10% commission on your sales to offset credit card fees and advertising.
  4. We collect and remit sales tax for the vendors/dealers.
  5. Vendor/dealers sales are totaled each month. Checks are ready by the 3rd business day after the 1st or 15th of the month depending on your dealer number.
  6. Your rent will be deducted from your sales for the previous month, and you will receive the balance of your sales in a check. And checks are ready by the 3rd business day.
  7. The Fancy Flea is not responsible for theft, loss or breakage of your items. It is the vendor/dealer's responsibility to have insurance coverage on their merchandise.
  8. Each vendor/dealer can set their own discount policy or sales for their items. Just let the front desk know if you are having a sale. Shop policy is NO discount given on items priced $20 or less.
  9. The vendor/dealer will keep their area clean and stocked at least once a month in order to keep their area looking fresh and interesting All items MUST have a price on it and your dealer number.
  10. The Fancy Flea reserves the right to end this contract or not renew it should the vendor/dealer not adhere to the terms of the contract.

Ready for your own space at The Fancy Flea Antique Mall? Start by downloading the complete Rental Contract.

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